Participant Registration Specialist

Juan Diego Norena

After working for 20 years as an educator for a non-profit agency in Orange County, in September 2022, Juan Diego had the privilege of being interviewed by HRC’s former President, Patty, who encouraged and invited him to be part of the team. He initially began accompanying the instructors as a host, and later went on to serve full-time as a member of the Participant Registration Team (PRT). “The greatest satisfaction that I have felt since my beginning in HRC has been the great connection with the participants. Accompanying and guiding them during their courses gives me the opportunity to create a link so that they feel confident with the Academy. Also, accompanying the instructors as a host has allowed me to learn and grow in my personal life.”

Get To Know You

  • Where are you from? – I’m from Colombia.
  • How many years have you worked for HRC? – 1 year.
  • What is your favorite relationship principle you have learned from HRC?Team Work.
  • What is your favorite movie and/or book?Movie: Avatar
  • What is your favorite place to travel?Spain.
  • Tell us a little about your family.I’m the youngest of three brothers, and I have two kids, Valeria (21) and Santiago (19).
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