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We teach a variety of curricula that span a wide range of topics and teach practical, usable information for improving the most important relationships in your life.

parenting courses, topics

HRC Parenting Topics

Our parenting courses focus on essential topics such as child development, helping kids deal with difficult emotions, teaching problem-solving, conflict resolution, setting boundaries, disciplining in a way that actually works, helping kids develop a healthy relationship with technology, and more!

communication skills courses

HRC Communication Skills

Our communication skills courses focus on helping you develop skills in creating emotional safety, expressing needs, setting boundaries, effective listening, and more!

conflict resolution courses

HRC Conflict Resolution

Through these courses, you will learn skills such as managing difficult emotions, practical tools for self-soothing, identifying the root of an issue, cooperative problem-solving, when to let go, how to sincerely apologize, giving forgiveness, and more!

managing finances courses

HRC Finances

Learn how to better manage your finances through gaining skills such as tracking your spending, budgeting, debt management, and more!

job skills courses

HRC Jobs

Get ready to put your best foot forward in the work force and learn skills such as identifying your strengths and passions, personal branding, creating a stand-out résumé, how to find the right job for you, successful interviewing, and more!

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