David D’Leon

David D’Leon is holds a PhD in theology. His research work in the field of neurosciences has made him an expert in thanatology, communication, relationships, development, and human behavior. David has dedicated his life for the past 20 years to improving the quality of life, the level of happiness and the relational dynamics of individuals, couples, married couples, and parents. He was awarded by the International Organization for Healthy Relationships for his work with more than 75,000 people which he has done through congresses, conferences, workshops, classes, retreats, and personal assignments. David has also served as President of the Happy Families Corporation, a pastor, the author of several books, an international speaker, and Professor at several US colleges and universities. 

Get To Know You

  • Where are you from? – Mexico City, Mexico.
  • How many years have you worked for HRC? – 15 years. 
  • What is your favorite relationship principle you have learned from HRC? – Empathy. This is the foundation of every healthy relationship.
  • What is your favorite movie and/or book?Book: The Bible
  • What is your favorite place to travel? – My favorite place to travel is the imagination, it’s a fantastic place we can always go to.
  • Tell us a little bit about your family. I have been married for 43 years to a wonderful woman, with whom I share my personal and professional life. I am father of a son and a daughter (two extraordinary and successful human beings), father-in-law of a brilliant and talented son-in-law and daughter-in-law, and grandfather of two precious little princesses, who fill my life with great joy.
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